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Charles G. Finney
(29/08/1792 - 16/8/1875)

The Oberlin Evangelist

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The Oberlin Evangelist

November 1, 1838

The Reasons for Publishing



If it be inquired, what is the object of this paper, and what are the reasons for its publication; we answer,

1. It is no part of its object to wage a war of words or opinions with our neighbors.

2. Not to increase or perpetuate existing controversies in the Church.

3. Not to promote party or sectarian interests.

4. Not to promote apparent in the absence of real union in the Church.

5. Not to advance the interests of Oberlin, at the expense of sister institutions.

6. Not to promote any particular ecclesiastical organization.

7. Not to defend Oberlin against the injurious aspersions of those who misapprehend, or misrepresent it.

But, 1. We desire to promote purity, peace and brotherly love, among the saints of every denomination.

2. To satisfy the reasonable, and often expressed desire of multitudes, to know our views of the gospel of Christ.

3. Because we are ignorantly, or purposely misrepresented by many, whereby evil results in two ways: (1.) Some who have confidence in us, are led, we fear, in come cases, to embrace and defend what we regard as error. (2.) Others, we fear, through misapprehension or misrepresentation of our real sentiments, imbibe prejudice, and speak unadvisedly of "things they understand not," thereby injuring their own souls.

4. To open a channel between us and our friends, that we may preach the blessed gospel to them, though we may "never see their faces in the flesh."

5. To call the attention of Christians to the fact that the Millenium is to consist in the entire sanctification of the Church.

6. To exhibit the gospel view of sanctification in this life.

7. To promote the spirit of Christian union, and to investigate and diffuse its true principles.

8. It is intended to publish occasional sermons, on practical and important subjects. Most of the matter in this department may be expected from Prof. Finney. He also intends, if health permits, to publish a series of sermons on moral government and the Atonement.

9. The paper will discuss freely the subjects of Christian Education, Slavery and Abolition, Moral Reform, Missions, the Christian Sabbath, Revivals of Religion, and any other subject that may seem to be of the highest importance.

10. It will contain such general religious intelligence as shall be deemed most authentic and important.








Commitee of Association.


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