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Charles G. Finney
(29/08/1792 - 16/8/1875)

The Oberlin Evangelist ~ 1860

Appearing in the Oberlin Evangelist ordered by date

April 11, 1860

The Revival in England--President Finney.

[From the Bolton Chronicle February 18.]

THE REVIVAL MOVEMENT.--Yesterday, a large meeting of influential gentlemen interested in the revival services was held in the Temperance Hall, at which an interesting statement of the further progress of the movement was made, and it was unanimously determined to respectfully request Mr. Finney to continue his labors for some time to come. The Rev. W. H. Davison announced this fact to the congregation at the evening service, and the audience, number not less than 1200 persons, rose en masse to testify their gratitude at the welcome intelligence. With respect to the progress of the last week, we may state that it has been characterized by more than usual success. Mrs. Finney's meetings increase daily. The addresses delivered by Mr. Finney create such interest that even the Temperance Hall is not near large enough to contain those anxious to hear them on the Sunday. Meetings have been held nightly in Messrs. Barlow, Goody, and Jones's mill in Higher Bridgestreet, and the intensest interest has attached to them, inasmuch as the awakenings and conversions have been often from fifty to eighty. The "restitutions" continue to pour in almost daily, and Mr. Finney has been generally requested to allow the "restitution sermon" to be published, in the hope that the influence attaching to its deliver may be perpetuated. Last night, two heavily-laden omnibuses drove up to the Temperance Hall, from Bury, to which town there is a desire that Mr. Finney should at some time pay a visit. At present, however, he will remain at Bolton, where his labors--unremunerated, and rendered without any pecuniary arrangement--have been so abundantly blessed. To give an idea of the extent to which the movement has taken hold of the people, we may mention that this week no less than four hundred and forty-two persons, embracing all classes, have expressed anxiety respecting their eternal interests, and of this number there is every reason to believe very many have become living testimonies to the truth.


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