Redes Sociais

Charles G. Finney

(29/08/1792 - 16/8/1875)




1. Be a true gentleman, an example of true politeness.

2. Good manners are good morals.

3. Benevolence exemplified in all relations.

4. Be tidy indoors.

5. Keep your books clean.

6. Your person, so as to have no offensive odors.

7. Don't overeat, so as to give off an offensive odor.

8. Keep your hands, face, nails, teeth clean; nose.

9. Indulge in no slovenly ways.

10. Don't spit about the house.

11. Nor blow your nose with your fingers.

12. Nor carry a filthy handkerchief.

13. Nor enter a house with muddy feet, or feet that smell of the stable.

14. Keep your feet off the furniture.

15. Never lean back in your chair.

16. Never shove your chair on the carpet.

17. Nor on the floor, where there is no carpet.

18. Make no extra labor, from carelessness.

19. Keep your hands out of side pockets.

20. Never wear your hat in the house.

21. Nor enter any house or room without knocking.

22. If you occupy a room, be tidy in all things.

23. Don't need too much waiting on.

24. Beware of fault finding.

25. Of being unreasonably particular.

26. Be benevolent and considerate always.

27. Be respectful to all servants.

28. Be quietly dignified.

29. Accommodating.

30. Avoid all assumption of superiority.

31. Also, every appearance of want of respect.

32. Especially in your intercourse with the lowly.

33. Also, every appearance of ill-temper.

34. Of every contempt or disregard.

35. Be condescending, not patronizing.

36. Don't talk too loud.

37. Don't use learned phrases.

38. Nor Latin, French, or any others liable to be misunderstood.

39. Encourage a home feeling in your presence.

40. Don't be nervous and tiresome in your conversation.

41. Use pure, but plain and familiar language.

42. Avoid embarrassing topics in company.

43. Show a proper regard for the feelings of all.

44. Don't say that which will offend good taste.

45. Avoid all bad manners at the table, such as criticizing anything.

46. Or helping yourself or others out of a common dish, with your own knife or fork.

47. Or passing bread with your fingers.

48. Or appropriating the best to yourself.

49. Or using butter, sugar, sweetmeats, cakes, and such like, extravagantly.

50. Avoid all appearance of Epicureanism.

51. Also of gluttony and self-indulgence. (Burchard).

52. Make no one any unnecessary trouble.

53. Be considerate and universally obliging.

54. Don't shut or open a door with your foot.

55. Don't spit in company.


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