Redes Sociais

Charles G. Finney

(29/08/1792 - 16/8/1875)



1. Treat them as a divine institution.

2. Sympathize with the occasion.

3. Avoid unbecoming levity.

4. Be short.

5. Watch against saying or doing anything unministerial.

6. It is better not to mingle in their festivities, except on some special occasions.

7. Don't violate your temperance principles.

8. A few words of warning and advice may be useful.

9. Warn them against ever deceiving each other.

10. Also against reserve and secretiveness.

11. Also against self-will.

12. And hard words.

13. Exhort to forbearance.

14. Not to reply to hasty or harsh words.

15. To be always respectful to each other.

16. To have a sacred regard for each other's feelings.

17. To treat each other's opinions with respect.

18. Never dispute, especially before children.

19. Cultivate each other's affections persistently.

20. Be affectionately demonstrative, at home.

21. Remind them of their new relation to society.

22. Also of their new responsibilities and duties.

23. Exhort them to household religion.

24. Also as the condition of the highest happiness.

25. But don't spin out, words few and impressively uttered.

26. Soon leave them to their festivities.

27. Don't fail to comply with the law in making certificates, returns to the clerk, or as the law requires.

28. Warn husbands not to neglect their wives, and turn them over to the gallantry of other men.

29. Also, wives not to flirt with other men.

30. Not to go here and there with them when husband can't go.

31. Keep some record of the marriages you solemnize.


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