Redes Sociais

Charles G. Finney

(29/08/1792 - 16/8/1875)



1. Devoted piety and sympathy with her husband's calling.

2. Discretion in the use of her tongue.

3. A sound education, school and domestic.

4. A self-denying and self-sacrificing spirit.

5. An unworldly and unambiguous state of mind.

6. Frugal habits.

7. Faith that can trust for support.

8. Uncomplaining temper.

9. A good housekeeper.

10. Economical, tidy.

11. Interested in the lowly.

12. Patient temper.

13. Affectionate.

14. Confiding disposition.

15. Moral courage.

16. Ability to lead meetings.

17. Also, all benevolent female enterprises.

18. Zeal and efficiency in every good cause.

19. Sound health, sense, and judgment.

20. General cultivation and good manners.

21. A good example and pattern for others.

22. A judicious mother and neighbor.

23. An eminently praying woman.

24. A woman that will deserve and secure public confidence.

25. One to whom the women can and will open their hearts.

26. Not given to gossip.

27. Not the depository of all scandal.

28. Not a news-monger, no talebearer.

29. No busy-body, but a sober-minded keeper at home.

30. Not given to strong drink, tea or coffee.

31. Not given to dress, or ornaments.

32. A good example in these and in all things.

33. Faithful in keeping her husband's counsel.

34. Also, whatever is committed to her in confidence.

35. Discretion in regard to what should be kept, whether secrecy is enjoined, or not.

36. Not too exacting of her husband. (Mrs. H. Norton).

37. Not ambitious and jealous for his popularity.

38. Not afraid to have him be faithful. (Mrs. Wells).

39. Not given to complaining of poverty or neglect.

40. Not self-seeking, or disposed to court the rich.

41. Given to hospitality.

42. Spiritual and not worldly, in her tastes.

43. Not disposed to conform to the world.

44. Will not practice what her husband should reprove.

45. Punctual habits, so as not to be late at meeting.

46. Careful not to try her husband when he is going to meeting -- by not being ready; children or servants not ready; pocket handkerchief not ready; going in wet, without overshoes, or umbrella.

47. A model of modesty, chastity, sobriety -- as wife, mother, and in all her relations -- a true help-meet.


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