Redes Sociais

Charles G. Finney

(29/08/1792 - 16/8/1875)



1. It is their duty to aid him in his work to the extent of their ability - tithes.

2. Of course, he has a right to this aid.

3. They owe him a competent support.

4. This is his right.

5. A competent salary is one which will meet the wants of himself and family.

6. The principle of tithes is the true one.

7. It is the pastor's duty to give himself wholly to his proper work, and not spend his time and means in idleness or pleasure, (Porter).

8. The flock have a right to expect him to be at his proper work with earnest diligence.

9. It is his duty to be, and keep himself well informed.

10. It is their duty to furnish him with the means.

11. It is his duty to study and give them well-digested instruction.

12. It is their duty to so help him in every way, as to give him time, opportunity, and means.

13. He is bound to be the teacher and leader of the church.

14. They ought to regard and treat him as such.

15. A pastor is not merely one of the flock, but the shepherd.

16. He must exercise such discretion in his appointments for teaching, as will meet his own and their convenience and wants.

17. He has a right to their sympathy and support, if he is persecuted for his faithfulness.

18. It is their duty to encourage faithfulness, and to stand by him, and not fear for the salary and counsel a worldly prudence.

19. It is their duty to treat him with such respect and confidence, as to give him the greatest influence. This for their good.

20. It is his duty to deserve their confidence and respect.

21. They ought to place him above temptation to servility, especially to avoid his mendicancy (living on alms).

22. They are bound to abhor servility in themselves, to secure the world's support.

23. His salary is his due, and not to be regarded as a gift.

24. To be paid punctually.

25. The last debt to be repudiated, it is his bread.

26. Pastor and flock should understand their rights and duties.

27. As occasions arise, the pastor should wisely instruct them on these points.

28. He should be punctual himself, and train them to punctuality.

29. If they fail to meet their engagements, he should reprove them. Baptist minister at covenant meeting at Syracuse.


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