Redes Sociais

Charles G. Finney
(29/08/1792 - 16/8/1875)

The Oberlin Evangelist ~ 1854

Appearing in the Oberlin Evangelist ordered by date

January 18, 1854


President Finney

Our brother has been laboring in Cleveland during most of November and December, in connection with the Plymouth Congregational Church and congregation. Despite of many and serious obstacles, a considerable measure of Divine influence and blessing has attended his efforts. It is hoped that the resident pastors and Christians of that city are fully awake to their responsibilities and that great blessings will yet be granted to their united labors. From what we hear, we are encouraged to hope that the latter harvest will be rich.

January 4th Pres. Finney left home for Cincinnati, in compliance with an invitation from a large number of Presbyterian pastors, to labor in their city. His preaching commences in the Tabernacle Presbyterian church.

These efforts in Western cities form in some respects a new era in his evangelical labors, and obviously should quicken the friends of Zion to renewed prayer to God for success. There is a grate and needy field open for his efforts; shall not prayer be made without ceasing for the powerful presence of the Divine Spirit? We neither expect or desire any success except as given of God. Hence let there be such prayer and such trustful labor attending it, that God can honor himself by the gift of the greatest blessing.


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