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Charles G. Finney
(29/08/1792 - 16/8/1875)

The Oberlin Evangelist ~ 1852

Appearing in the Oberlin Evangelist ordered by date

March 3, 1852


Pres. Finney.--Revival in Hartford Conn.

"We are happy to learn through a private letter," says the Independent, "that there is a continually rising religious interest in Hartford, extending to most of the churches. Three of the Congregational churches, Dr. Hawes, Dr. Bushnell's, and Mr. Patton's, have united their efforts, and have engaged Mr. Finney to preach in the several congregations by turns. The fruits of brotherly reunion are happily apparent."

A deeply affecting private letter from a young resident of Hartford, whose sister is a subject of the revival, speaks thus of an inquiry meeting which the writer attended, February 5th. "What a solemn place it was! There were the lately gay and thoughtless, the frivolous young ladies, and the dissolute young men, and the middle-aged with countenances long sobered by care, but uncheered by the Christian's hope, all silent, solemn as death. The Pastors and Mr. Finney gave such advice as seemed best, and admonished all of the duty of immediate surrender to Christ." Sunday evening Feb. 8th, Pres. Finney preached in the Center church on the new birth--"a vast audience in attendance, many unable to get seats." A devoted returned missionary of the American Board, in feeble health, is deeply interested in the work--"says he must improve this blessed season to get many steps higher in the Christian life."

It is known to Br. Finney's friends that he is seldom wont to say much of revivals in which he is laboring while they are in progress: we are therefore obliged for the most part to depend on other informants for news respecting such revivals.

Later information tells us that the work is still increasing, and that the number in attendance at the meetings for inquiry is something like five hundred. All Evangelical denominations are holding meetings.


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