Redes Sociais

Charles G. Finney

(29/08/1792 - 16/8/1875)




1. Have no more than is essential to convenience.

2. Be exemplary -- in what you have, do it right.

3. Have a garden, and work it yourself, if possible.

4. You will need a barn, a carriage and horse.

5. Keep your garden, barn, horse, carriage, neatly.

6. Don't trade in horses.

7. Don't speculate in anything.

8. Make contracts in writing, duplicates.

9. Keep your accounts straight, and in a book.

10. Take receipts in matters of importance.

11. Preserve important letters.

12. Copies of same which you write.

13. Preserve and file receipts and important papers.

14. Don't let your papers get into confusion.

15. Transact no business loosely with parishioners.

16. Commit all important matters to writing.

17. Don't let unsettled accounts accumulate.

18. See them adjusted and paid, or note given annually.

19. Do everything so that it will bear scrutiny.

20. Keep out of debt, if possible; live within your income.

21. Be punctual in payment or get extension.

22. Don't let a debt be overdue, without agreement.

23. Don't let your gate be off the hinges.

24. Nor your harness tied with strings.

25. Keep all things in order.

26. Be economical, not parsimonious.

27. Avoid the office of an almoner. (Paul.)

28. Be not the bearer of money for others.

29. Be not arbitrator in business matters.

30. Build not, if you can avoid it.

31. Don't engage in agencies, while a pastor.

32. If not an accountant, beware how you undertake to disburse funds.

33. Undertake no business for yourself or others, that will divert your mind or energies.

34. Also, for which you are not competent.

35. Acquaint yourself with the laws of marriage.

36. Also, with all the laws regulating your relations.

37. Also, the rights, duties, and responsibilities of the church.

38. Guard against the appearance of selfishness.

39. Especially avoid lending on exorbitant interest.

40. Don't be made a business omnibus if avoidable.

41. Don't be executors or administrators.

42. Avoid money-making arrangements.

43. Be sure to cultivate a business conscience.

44. Also, to know how to do business, so as to gain respect and confidence.

45. Be thoroughly just and honorable in all business.

46. Keep yourself acquainted with the business principles and practice of the business men of your congregation.

47. So that you can adapt instruction to their wants.

48. In business, as in everything else, be a good example.


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