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Charles G. Finney
(29/08/1792 - 16/8/1875)

The Oberlin Evangelist ~ 1856

Appearing in the Oberlin Evangelist ordered by date

February 27, 1856

REVIVAL IN ROCHESTER.--Many minds are doubtless turned inquiringly towards the religious interests in this city. We do not desire to anticipate results, but feel constrained to say that the Spirit of God is working with great power in our midst. Rev. Mr. Finney's preaching is free from those peculiarities which some portions of the public are ready to suspect. It is simple, quiet, practical; mostly addressed to Christians thus far, and with very marked results. Scores of professors have consecrated themselves anew, and are enjoying the spirit of prayer, and of labor for the souls of men. The morning prayer-meetings are attended by at least three hundred persons, embracing members from nearly all our evangelical churches. The only inquiry meeting that has been held as yet, was attended by about one hundred and seventy individuals--the gray-haired of both sexes, the middle-aged and the young. Many are indulging hope, and some family altars have been erected.

It is noticeable that the prayers offered by all classes seem to indicate an entire reliance upon the power of the Holy Spirit.

--Genesse Evangelist, Jan. 31, '56


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